Greek Brandy Confections

20181229_114320Bring these to your next get-together and you may never be without an invitation to a party again.  Try not to be offended that you may only be invited for the sweets.

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I Know Santa

20181227_110902Any time I think about getting pictures of the boys with a department store Santa, a scene from the movie “A Christmas Story” pops in my head.  It’s the one where Ralphie realizes how long the line is to see Santa Claus, and all you hear are screaming kids.  No thanks.

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Leftovers “Shepherd’s Pie”

20181226_200057It never fails, holiday meals around here leave us with a plethora of leftovers.  After a while, I begin to resent the space they take in my refrigerator, but they’re also too good to let go of.

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Good Ol’ Pumpkin Pie

20211128175230_IMG_7374 (3)

There are a whole lot of pumpkin pie recipes out there, and as far as I’m concerned, most of them are kind of just meh.  Overly sweet, weirdly smooth, and lacking any flavor other than cinnamon, that’s not much of a recommendation.

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Kourambiethes (Greek Almond Shortbread)

20201230084318_IMG_6340These treats need to come with a hefty warning.  Don’t breathe in, don’t breathe out, don’t laugh, snort, cough, sneeze, or do anything else similar while eating them.  Oh yeah, and don’t wear black.

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Rosemary Tri-Tip with Roasted Vegetables

20181206_192400As much as I like to cook, I also like having meals that can come together with as little fuss as possible.  What can I say?  I’m a bit busy!

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Roasted Winter Squash with Buttery Marmalade

20181208_181825Ironically, winter squash are actually grown during the summer, just like summer squash.  Why the name then?  Mostly because their firm flesh allow winter squash to be stored throughout the winter season.  Good, because I bought a lot this year!!

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He’s Firmed up a Bit

20181206_201127I haven’t posted much about this little one lately.  He’s getting some chubby cheeks now, but like most babies, still does what babies do: eat, sleep, and poop!  He even smiles, and it’s the cutest thing ever!

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