Sweet Cream Biscuits

I love me a good biscuit. Drown it in gravy (but only if it’s actually good), or slather it with butter then top it with honey, and I’m a happy person.

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Whole Wheat & Milk Bread

20200226170225_IMG_2827xeghAs much as I love making sourdough breads, there are many times that I realize I haven’t prepped my starter in time to do the baking I want or need to do.  Bless the person who figured out how to make active dried yeast.

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Greek Lagana Bread Recipe & the Tradition of “Clean Monday”

20200301_203124The first day of Lent in Greece is a bit of an oddity.  For many, a strict Lenten fast will be observed in reverence to the solemnity of the time leading up to Pascha (Easter), while also frolicking and picnicking, and generally having a jolly good time!

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Chilean Style Empanada Dough

gyiHaving a go-to pastry recipe is kind of like having that one pair of shoes that can work for multiple occasions: everybody needs one.

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Sourdough Cinnamon-Raisin Rolls

IMG_0850ghvhI live in California’s raisin country.  If one drives out of town during the hot, dry days at the end of summer, row after row of grapes drying on mats can be seen in between the long stretches of grape vines.  I guess you could say I know where my food comes from!

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Old Fashioned Apple Pie

20190908_195652Unlike pumpkin pie, which is usually relegated exclusively to the Thanksgiving meal, apple pie gets to sashay its way all throughout autumn and winter.  Good, because I like to eat it and it’s easy to prepare!

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Whole Wheat & Olive Oil Sourdough Bread

20190812_202014So tell me, does anyone else look at their sourdough starter and yell in a mad scientist type voice “IT’S ALIVE!!  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” or is it just me?

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Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies

20190629_213658This is the very first recipe where I not only created it, I also *get this* … actually wrote it down.  Like, with real measurements and everything.

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Fresh Fig & Honey Yiaourtopita (Greek Yogurt Cake)

20190729_095216If you are fortunate enough to have a fig tree, you will never starve.  Well, at least while the figs are in season.

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Classic Cherry Pie

20190612_181022I planted a very specific variety of cherry tree just so I could make two things: a Greek cherry brandy, and honest-to-goodness old fashioned cherry pie.  I guess I’m a serious do-it-yourselfer.

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