‘Tis the Season

20180331_075907I nearly walked into this one with a load of laundry in my arms.  The last time I got too close, one of them got on me.  It was not pretty.

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Swiss Chard (Beta vulgaris)

20180313_171040If you love leafy greens, you can’t go wrong with chard.  Talk about easy and reliable!  My garden seldom goes without this delicious staple in the ground.

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Corinth Grape (Vitis vinifera): On the No Grow List

I sooo wanted this one to work.  I was enchanted by the tasty little grapes and was equally excited that they were Greek in origin.  But alas, it turned out to not live up to our expectations. Continue reading Corinth Grape (Vitis vinifera): On the No Grow List

Our New(est) Arrival!

IMG_20180317_091310_413We recently ripped out a Corinth grape that wouldn’t play nice with its neighbors and are replacing it with something we hope can just get along.  Sometimes you just have to start over.

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29133916_175558039744728_612995324671164416_nDid you know that California Poppies come in colors other than orange?  They can be in shades of cream, pink, and yellow, too!  So far I have the orange and cream popping up, waiting for a few more colors to come soon.

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Orange Marmalade

20180314_05275I have come to embrace the fact that so much of what I make is often in response to having food on the verge of giving up on the world.  The thought of wasting food becomes a great motivator to get off my behind and go do something about it.

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