‘Tis the Season

20180331_075907I nearly walked into this one with a load of laundry in my arms.  The last time I got too close, one of them got on me.  It was not pretty.

This is a Black Widow web.  Anyone who has ever come into contact with one of their webs will never forget what they are like.  The silk strands literally make a loud snapping sound when broken because they are so strong.  Their webs are also pretty messy in structure.

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You can just see the strands from her web leading from our car.  It was stretched across my path to the other car.

A couple of years ago I accidentally leaned up against the door frame in the garage where a web was.  I was unaware it was there.  A few minutes later I see something dangling from my arm that I knew shouldn’t be dangling from my arm.  All my family heard was me screaming “Get off, get off, get off!!!” and then a loud thud as I stomped her into oblivion.  They thought I had come across an intruder in the house and was being abducted.  Well, they weren’t completely wrong.



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