This Cat…

This is Artemis.  She is truly unique.  A uniquely goofy cat.  And a pain in the behind.

I don’t know how she does it, but if there are spider webs to be found at cat-height, she will find them.

A few years ago, my boys had raked up a giant patch of fallen leaves from our liquid amber trees into a big pile so they could be transported to our compost box.  It took them a while to get the job done because there were a LOT of leaves.  Then this cat came along.

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I watched as she attacked the leaves at the edge of the pile.  They must have been up to no good and needed her attention.  Or maybe they were teasing her.  Something.  She literally jumped onto the pile and started pushing leaves in bunches out in front of her all across the driveway.  She scooched herself by her back legs so she could use her front limbs like a bulldozer.  By the time she was done there were leaves all over the driveway again and she had hopped into what little was left of the leaf pile and hid in it.

No, we don’t give her catnip.  We think she may have a supplier up the street, though.


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