Tzatziki (Greek Yogurt & Cucumber Sauce)

20190429_161237Spring and summer wouldn’t be complete without the cool and creamy wonderfulness that is tzatziki (tzah-TZEE-kee).  Forget ketchup and ranch dressing, it’s time to move on!

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Traditional Romanian Cabbage Rolls (Sarmale)

20190327_171506erdfgI recently carried out my first experiment fermenting whole cabbage heads.  I did it solely to be able to make these cabbage rolls.  I waited six weeks.  Six whole weeks.  That’s how good these are.  (Psssstt… I have a shortcut if you’re in a hurry.)

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It’s Not Easter, Yet

20190422_173817It never fails, people will kindly wish me “Happy Easter”, prompting an internal conflict I have yet to resolve.  Because most of the time, it won’t be Easter for me, yet!

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Tsoureki (Greek Easter Bread)

20190422_203916There is something special about food traditionally made for holidays.  Even though you could make it at any time of the year, you don’t because it would just be all sorts of wrong to do so.

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Koulourakia (Greek Easter Cookies)

20190419_073739In a Greek home, koulourakia are to Easter what pumpkin pie is to Thanksgiving.  Can you have one without the other and still call it a holiday?  I think not.

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Buttery Beer Seafood Bake

20190418_080039I had a bag of mixed seafood in the freezer.  Make it two.  I had some beer that was still in the bottle and not in my belly.  Then I had an idea.

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Quick & Easy Mizithra (Greek Ricotta)

20190323_182259I consider myself to be a fairly serious kitchen DIY-er.  I enjoy learning about a food’s history and recreating it in my kitchen.  But then there’s that whole time thing.

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Sibling Rivalry

20181228_075301Mention the phrase “sibling rivalry” and images of kids fighting over toys or the best seat in the car emerge.  But did you ever think about what your pets go through whenever you bring a new one home?

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Lithodora diffusa

Imagine a carpet of the most intensely blue flowers polka-dotting a mat of deep green foliage and what you’re really seeing is Lithodora.  This lovely ground cover plant brings in pollinators throughout much of the year, too.

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Spinach & Feta Frittata

20190217_122502One of the better known Greek dishes is spanakopita, a spinach and feta cheese filled pastry.  This isn’t that dish, but it does have all the flavor– minus the pastry part.  And it’s easy to make.  We’re on to something here.

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