Decadent Dark Chocolate & Cherry Ice Cream

20190628_073120erdfIf I try hard enough, I could probably make an even richer, creamier, and more indulgent dessert than this.  But I would have to try pretty hard.

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Portokalopita (Greek Orange & Phyllo Cake)

20190619_224457If you’ve ever worked with phyllo dough, you know that you’ve got limited time to use it before it turns into a flaky, dried out mess.  All is not lost.

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Chicken Roasted with Brussels Sprouts & Tomatoes

20190617_154320I used to hate Brussels Sprouts when I was a kid.  I don’t know why I decided to buy some and try cooking them myself several years ago.  I’m honestly not sure why I do a lot of things, but oh well, it turned out to be a good decision!

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Greek Oregano (Origanum vulgare var. hirtum)

20190528_172210No self-respecting Greek will return home from Greece without a large stash of dried Greek Oregano in their luggage.  Try explaining that one to a customs officer.

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Classic Cherry Pie

20190612_181022I planted a very specific variety of cherry tree just so I could make two things: a Greek cherry brandy, and honest-to-goodness old fashioned cherry pie.  I guess I’m a serious do-it-yourselfer.

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Lemony Blueberry Muffins

20190610_184540At some point someone stole muffins and turned them into greasy, gut-bomb, cupcakes-in-disguise.  It’s time to steal them back.  You’re welcome.

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Ginger & Cilantro Salmon Cakes

20190516_162834Once upon a time I had some leftover salmon.  And some ginger.  Oh yeah, cilantro, too.  Green onion was also there.  They invited lime juice over and got together to have a party.

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Dill & Leek Scrambled Eggs

20190417_112417There’s a scene in one of the Peter Rabbit stories where a sneaky fox tricks a silly duck to bring him a variety of herbs.  What the duck doesn’t realize is that he intends to cook her eggs with those herbs!

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