Fermented Whole Cabbage Heads

20190202_184320To make good food you need the right ingredients.  Sometimes the right ingredients will seem to be so so wrong.

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Skordalia (Greek Garlic & Bread Dip)

20190326_143237I have known only one person in my life that has ever uttered the phrase “that’s too much garlic”.  Yes, I’m still friends with them.

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March 25th: a Greek 2-for-1-Special Holiday

zitoIf you happen to live in a city outside of Greece that has a large population of Greek diaspora, you may have noticed big parades of men proudly wearing skirts and carrying the Greek flag every March 25th (or some day close to it).

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Umm… You Don’t Want to Look in There

untitledMy family has come to learn the hard way that I essentially view my home and garden as one big science lab.  They are likely to stumble across experiments either already in progress, or getting ready for one, in a variety of locations inside and outside the house.  What did you expect from a science teacher?

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(Mostly) Traditional Irish Soda Bread

20190314_212550erdMy father’s family is primarily a mix of Scottish and Irish heritage that dates back to Colonial America at least as far back as the 1600s.  By now our connection to much of the traditions of these two cultures is pretty much gone.

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Fava (Greek Yellow Split Pea Spread)

20190310_133339It is amazing what one can create in the world of food with only the simplest of ingredients.  Proof again that complex, obscure, and expensive materials are not what makes a cook great.

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Greek Kumquat “Spoon Sweet”

20190307_175732If there is ever a global shortage on sugar or honey, I’m not sure what most Greeks are going to do.  Greeks really love their sweets.

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Spinach Avgolemono Soup

20190303_212420Be prepared, I bought a large (really large) bag of spinach a while back and needed to use it all before losing it to the slime gods.  So that means you’re going to see a few recipes using spinach (kind of like when I made a monster load of pesto over the summer!).

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