Greek Kumquat Liqueur (with a Bonus Treat!)

20190218_163817You know the old saying that good things come to those that wait?  This is a really good thing worth waiting for!  (It may not be that long of a wait, either!)

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Manestra (Greek Pasta in Tomato Sauce)

20200223_215124This may not be one of the most well known (if at all) Greek dishes to those who are not Greek, but ask any kid who grew up with traditional Greek food and this will likely be one of their favorites.

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Over the River-bed and through the Avocado Orchards to Grandfather’s House We Go…

20200217_125839I guess this is the California version of the winter sleigh song, though if you go high up enough in the Sierra-Nevada mountains you will find snow.  It’s just not where we were.

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Chocolate Angel Food Cake

20200106_134348aswetYou know those cartoons that show a person debating what to do with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other giving conflicting advice?  This cake is like the two of them got together and struck a deal.

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Tiropitakia (Greek Feta Cheese Pastry)

20200129_174309Think of them as little triangles of pure heaven.  Crispy phyllo, tangy feta cheese, and a generous slathering of butter… yes, pure heaven.

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Using Phyllo Dough (Without Frustration)

20200204_214133There are few ingredients more traumatizing to use than the paper-thin sheets of phyllo dough.  I’ve been yelled at by more than one older Greek woman to “cover your dough!  You’re letting it get dry!!”

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