Using Phyllo Dough (Without Frustration)

20200204_214133There are few ingredients more traumatizing to use than the paper-thin sheets of phyllo dough.  I’ve been yelled at by more than one older Greek woman to “cover your dough!  You’re letting it get dry!!”

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Old Fashioned Apple Pie

20190908_195652Unlike pumpkin pie, which is usually relegated exclusively to the Thanksgiving meal, apple pie gets to sashay its way all throughout autumn and winter.  Good, because I like to eat it and it’s easy to prepare!

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Ultimate Summer Garden Spaghetti Sauce

20180707_141030I used to make a “simpler” (read: plain) version of this sauce and the boys loved it.  Then I decided to get crazy and add other vegetables.  My boys cried.  Then they ate it.  They forgave me.

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Plum Jam (No Added Pectin)

20180624_072606I have three varieties of plum trees in my yard.  The earliest to ripen is the Santa Rosa.  They look and smell so luscious, and then you bite into one.  PUCKER!!!

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Extra Cabbage-y Cabbage Rolls

20180514_1612srewrdfgI managed to actually have some success this year growing cabbages.  I pretty much grew them to make stuffed cabbage leaves.  Could I buy them at the store?  Of course, but where’s the fun in that?!

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Cabbage-Beef Soup

20180514_14494erdfI made this soup on a whim to use up scraps from another recipe.  I uttered the words “oh my God!” when I tried it.  I may have thrown in another term, too, but I’m keeping this site “G” rated.

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