Old Fashioned Apple Pie

20190908_195652Unlike pumpkin pie, which is usually relegated exclusively to the Thanksgiving meal, apple pie gets to sashay its way all throughout autumn and winter.  Good, because I like to eat it and it’s easy to prepare!

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Classic Cherry Pie

20190612_181022I planted a very specific variety of cherry tree just so I could make two things: a Greek cherry brandy, and honest-to-goodness old fashioned cherry pie.  I guess I’m a serious do-it-yourselfer.

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Apple-Spice Minced Pie

20211129213850_IMG_7438 (1)

I never realized how much my mom likes… no, loves this pie until a few years ago when I didn’t make it for one of our holiday dinners.  I haven’t heard the end of it since.

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Perfect Pie Dough

20171122_164359Don’t be fooled by those beautiful pictures of artfully created pies on Pinterest.  They are FAKE!!!  Have you ever noticed that they never show them after they are baked?

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