Roast Chicken with Garlic & Carrots

20180426_164152Someone once uttered the phrase “that’s too much garlic.”  It was like they were speaking English, but the words just didn’t make sense.  What is this thing “too much garlic?”  Is this even possible?!

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Caring for Roses Part 2: Sun & Soil

20180419_155102Perhaps one of the reasons that roses are such a favorite of mine is that they can take a fair degree of abuse, yet still produce so much beauty season after season.  However, there are limits to what they will put up with!

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California Poppies (Eschscholzia californica)

20180414_102352There are few flowers that I don’t like.  On the same token, there are few flowers that I love.  I love California Poppies.

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Room for Rent, Cheap!

My usual approach to attracting wildlife to my garden is just to plant things that they would want to come in for.  I’m not into feeders and other things that will become junky clutter after a season or two.

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Paximathia (Greek Biscotti)

20180412_183720Every Greek woman I know has their own version of this Greek staple, so why should I be any different?? And every one of us thinks our own is the best, and of course we’re all correct.  Of course.

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