Room for Rent, Cheap!

My usual approach to attracting wildlife to my garden is just to plant things that they would want to come in for.  I’m not into feeders and other things that will become junky clutter after a season or two.

20180415_165853(All links open a new page, so you won’t lose your spot when you look around!  Get information on gardening and cultural traditions, recipes, stories, and more!)

But I have to admit after I saw these little bee houses, I thought “what the heck, why not?”  These are not for honey bees, but for the hundreds of other native bees that live solitary lives.  These bees like little nooks and crannies to lay their eggs in.

The tubes that look like they have stuff in them actually do!  Females will lay their eggs in the holes, then seal them up to protect them.

I bought two, one for the front yard and one for the back.  I hope to keep lots of bees happy, because they make me lots of fruits and veggies!  So far, it looks like a few have “moved in”.  Hopefully more will soon!



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