Autumn: It’s Just a Suggestion

20180923_153040My favorite season has officially arrived.  Not that you would know it.

This bumblebee seems unperturbed that the seasons have supposedly changed.

The beginning of fall here in Central California isn’t all that different from summer.  Not that I was expecting this dramatic change just because the calendar moved from one day to the next.  But it would be nice if the first week of fall didn’t have this sudden streak of summertime temperatures.  At least the week after this will be a little more tolerable.

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My gaura is in full bloom and looks gorgeous against the blue September sky.

This is our usual routine both in spring and fall.  It’s a bit of a temperature roller coaster ride until the temperatures settle into hot for summer, and then cold for winter.  You could see a 30° F or more temperature swing from morning to afternoon.  I just have one word for dealing with all of this: layers.


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