Blackberry Lime Sherbet

If you recall a while back, I was “gifted” a large surplus of blackberries and lime juice from my parents in an attempt to clean out their freezer. Let’s just say I had a large amount of material to work with.

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Strawberry & Vanilla Cream Ice Cream

20200607_160433There are times when I curse the summer heat here, and when it’s 105 F and hotter day after day, I can’t be blamed.  But then I remember that hot days do come with certain advantages, like excuses to eat ice cream.

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Summer Brewed Sun Tea

20200612_212902Sun tea seems to be one of those beverages that evokes memories of summer visits with one’s grandma, sitting on patios and porches while enjoying an icy cold glass of this classic drink.  And then came the health warnings.

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

20181003_172251No, it’s not Christmas, though I really love that time of the year, too.  It’s autumn, the time when summer finally gets a clue that it’s time to leave!

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Greek Green Beans with Tomatoes (Fasolakia)

20180712_212032This dish is a staple at many of our church functions.  I hated it when I was a kid.  Then someone made a simple change to the recipe.

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Summer Skies

20180709_193927The old saying “time heals old wounds” is a pretty good description of how my feelings towards summer have changed.  It’s still not my favorite season, but I’ve now made my peace with it.

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Strawberry Lemon-Limeade

20180603_115148I have a love-hate relationship with summer.  I hate the heat (tell me you like 105+ with a straight face).  I love the fringe benefits that come with having heat to deal with.

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Greek Plum Cake

20171028_162536We grow three varieties of plums in our yard.  Needless to say, when we have a good year we are swimming in plums.  This was a good year.

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