Summer Skies

20180709_193927The old saying “time heals old wounds” is a pretty good description of how my feelings towards summer have changed.  It’s still not my favorite season, but I’ve now made my peace with it.

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As a kid, I liked summer vacation for the same reason as pretty much any other kid.  Vacation.  But it was hot and not always all that exciting.  And it was hot.  Did I mention it was hot?  We had a standing record of over 20 consecutive days of 100+ F temperatures, so I’m not exaggerating.  It was hot.

demetrijumpUh, I live in the same town I grew up in (that was NOT planned, but oh well), so guess what?  It’s still hot.  So why the change of heart?  For one, I now have the garden I always wanted (and an Old Man that helps with it!) and summer is when all the effort put in to the garden really pays off.  I have also learned to appreciate the other moments that happen only in summer, like kids playing in the pool and sunsets like these.  It’s still hot, but now I guess I just don’t mind it so much.20180705_203240


34 thoughts on “Summer Skies

  1. It is nice to be in a mild climate. People complain about the heat here, but it has not even been to a hundred degrees yet. It got close, but not quite there. I can not imagine what a hot climate is like. I do love the Santa Clara Valley, but the lifestyle does not allow for appreciation of much of the advantages of being there.

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    1. It always makes me laugh when people start fussing about it being hot, only to find out they are talking about upper 80s! We are looking at the next two weeks at least being 103-106. My sister in law lived near Phoenix for a few years, and it was far worse. No thanks!

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