An Exercise in Patience

20180204_170441Gardening requires the utmost levels of patience.  I am not a patient person.  At all.  Houston, we have a problem.

Itty Bitty Brussels Sprouts.  Nope, not ready, yet.

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I’m the type of person that goes to check the garden beds the same day that seeds are planted.  Anything growing, yet?  Then back an hour later.  How about now?  The suspense is KILLING me.  Ugh.

Itty Bitty Cauliflower.  Nope, not ready, yet.

I’m pretty sure every serious gardener shares my dilemma.  If you don’t, well, I just don’t know what to do with you.  You’re probably a nice person and all, but, well…

Maybe some day blueberries.  Nope, not ready, yet.

The worst part is that winter garden slump.  Even here in Central California with no snow or regular hard freezes, we go through a period of time where little is happening.  The cool weather crops are showing promising signs, but aren’t quite ready.  The winter fruit is starting dwindle, and the flower buds for the summer supply are being a bunch of teases.

Baby Pomegranate leaves.  I won’t even see flowers for a couple of months and the fruit won’t be ready for almost a year!  Nope, not ready, yet.

February hits me hardest of all.  We have lately been having these warm spells that pull on us hard to go outside.  The temptation is so strong to start planting things, but the reality is that there is often a last minute temperature drop as Winter makes one more gasp before leaving that could put an end to all that hard work.

Maybe some day plums.  Nope… not ready, yet.

So in the meantime, the Old Man and I have to content ourselves with wandering around the yard looking at closed flower buds and tiny carrots.  Maybe they’ll be ready tomorrow?  Maybe.


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