Sour Cherry (Prunus cerasus)

20180612_163849Yes, these cherries are sour.  No, you don’t want to eat them fresh.  Yes, you still want to grow them in your garden.

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Pomegranate (Punica granatum)

20171105_134912It is easy to understand why Persephone was tempted by the pomegranate seeds offered to her by Hades, as told in the ancient Greek mythological story, even though eating them would condemn her to spend three months of each year in the dark underworld.

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Fig (Ficus carica)

20180803_125406I have to say, I honestly feel sorry for anyone who’s never had the opportunity to eat a fresh fig.  If that’s you, don’t despair, you still might be able to grow your own, even if you’re not in the ideal climate.

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Harvesting Grape Leaves

20180702_100425I have come to realize that so many of the foods I was **ahem** “not fond of” were ones that started with less than fresh ingredients.  Count dolmades, a Greek delicacy made with grape leaves, as one of them.

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Corinth Grape (Vitis vinifera): On the No Grow List

I sooo wanted this one to work.  I was enchanted by the tasty little grapes and was equally excited that they were Greek in origin.  But alas, it turned out to not live up to our expectations. Continue reading Corinth Grape (Vitis vinifera): On the No Grow List

Alpine Strawberry (Fragaria vesca)

20181024_163834Take everything you thought you knew about the taste of fresh strawberries and throw it out the window.  You know nothing!  Nothing at all!!  Not until you have tasted an Alpine Strawberry can you speak to me about the amazing goodness of strawberry flavor.  They’re like candy, but so much better.  It’s strawberry, but like strawberry flavor on steroids.  There is just no comparison.

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