Lamb Yiouvetsi

Greeks have mastered the all-in-one dish, and it’s really no surprise.  Up until recently, having your own oven was somewhat uncommon.  Instead you had to share space at the local bakery.  No one likes a space-hog.

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Wild Rice and Pumpkin Soup

20181101_160531aThis recipe was actually born from an epic fail of one of my earlier experiments in my cooking history.  I was *trying* to make a pumpkin infused rice by cooking the rice inside of a pumpkin inside of the oven.  It didn’t work.

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Milopita (Apple Cake)

20200831070859_IMG_5425I think the best thing about milopita is the fact that Greeks eat this for breakfast.  Seriously, why wait till the end of the day for something this good?!  I think they might be on to something, here.

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Pomegranate (Punica granatum)

20171105_134912It is easy to understand why Persephone was tempted by the pomegranate seeds offered to her by Hades, as told in the ancient Greek mythological story, even though eating them would condemn her to spend three months of each year in the dark underworld.

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Fresh Tomato & Basil Pasta

20180815_221013I have noticed time and again that the best combinations of flavors happen to be with foods that are in season together.  It’s not that other combos don’t work, they just don’t work as well.

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Laurus nobilis (Grecian Laurel or Sweet Bay)

20180802_105840You know, a recipe typically calls for 1 to 2 bay leaves.  Then you do another dish, and another.  Those leaves start to add up.  They aren’t cheap.  Growing your own is.

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Greek Lamb Stew

20180109_1852kldfTraditionally in Greece, lamb is more of a spring-time thing.  But with the invention of these nifty things called refrigerators, freezers, and mass world wide transit, things like lamb are available year round.  Good for me, because lamb is one of my favorites. Continue reading Greek Lamb Stew

Rosemary & Garlic Roasted Nuts

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Alpine Strawberry (Fragaria vesca)

20181024_163834Take everything you thought you knew about the taste of fresh strawberries and throw it out the window.  You know nothing!  Nothing at all!!  Not until you have tasted an Alpine Strawberry can you speak to me about the amazing goodness of strawberry flavor.  They’re like candy, but so much better.  It’s strawberry, but like strawberry flavor on steroids.  There is just no comparison.

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Cream of Mushroom Soup

20181223_144112I hate mushrooms.  Absolutely detest them.  My parents love them, so of course they were put into whatever meal they could be.  I would pretend to chew them, and then spit them into my napkin as I pretended to wipe my mouth.  Yes, I was that kid.

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Feta & Dried Tomato Frittata

20171021_125218[1]Frittatas are a wonderfully easy way to whip up an any-time-of-the-day meal.  They can be very nutritiously balanced, all in one pan, and are one of those meals that can help you clean up leftovers in the refrigerator.  Technically this is an Italian dish, but I use feta cheese in mine, and I was taught how to make them by a Greek woman, so it’s close enough! Continue reading Feta & Dried Tomato Frittata