Plum Cobbler

Repeat after me: a cobbler is not the same as a crisp, and neither are the same as a crumble. Or a buckle, a pandowdy, a betty, or a puzzle. Slump, maybe, but only the cobbler. Don’t even get me started on grunts. Who came up with these names??

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Traditional Greek Fig Spoon Sweet

Figs are an oddity in the fruit tree world. If given the right conditions, they’ll produce fruit throughout the year. But what happens if that’s not the conditions you happen to live in? You get creative, that’s what.

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Sour Cherry Jam (No Added Pectin)

Several years ago we planted a Morello cherry tree in our garden. I was a little disappointed to later realize that it would never grow much bigger than 7 to 8 feet tall… until we started pulling in more cherries than I could figure out what to do with.

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Pitting Plums (and Keeping Fingers)

20180701_184827I have a few (okay, a fair amount, ummmm… maybe a lot) of kitchen gadgets.  Some I use more often than others, but I really do use them all at some point in time.

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Blueberry (Vaccinium spp.)

20180528_102034When I think of growing blueberries, I think of places like Oregon or Maine.  You know, forests and cooler climates.  Not 100+ F temperatures in California’s Central Valley zone 9.  Yet, here they are!

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Stone Fruit Oven Pancake

20181117_115723With summer officially here, the stone fruit season is now seriously underway.  Apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, and all the hybrids in between, are dropping off trees and showing up in markets.  Gobble them up now, they don’t last long!

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Fruit “Leather”

20180625_162929My parents have fruit trees.  They are prolific producers.  We have fruit trees.  They, too, are prolific producers.  Great!  Not so fast.

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Baked Pears

20181020_164329Pears are fussy things.  Every fall you wait for them to get past the hard and tasteless stage and to move on to juicy tenderness, and just when you think you nailed that perfect moment, it turns out you completely missed it and you wind up with mushy or mealy blobs.  Ugh. Continue reading Baked Pears