It’s a Numbers Game

20180920_134757I’m not really a superstitious person, but every so often I come across situations that just make me stop and wonder if there’s any significance to something that might otherwise just be a really big coincidence.

My mom and my youngest.  She’s 39.  Still.  I won’t tell how long she’s been at this age. 😉

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d and n
My youngest trying to steal some frappe from my Thea, my mother’s sister.

For whatever reason, there are a few numbers that pop up repeatedly when it comes to ages in my family.  More specifically, through my mother’s side.  I don’t get caught up in any kind of numerology at all, but it’s still neat to think about.

mom and nitsa
My mom and her sister.

When looking at differences in ages between various family members the numbers 8, 10, and 12 come up multiple times.  My mom and her brother are 12 years apart, as is she and her nephew, and between him and myself.  My mother is 10 years apart from her sister, I am 10 years apart from one of my cousins, my oldest son is 10 years older than my youngest, and my youngest is 10 years apart from my grandson.  My mom and her niece are 8 years apart, and I am 8 years older than two other cousins.

My mom, my Yiayia, and me.

There’s one more: it seems that becoming a great-grandma for the first time is also on a schedule.  My mom’s mom, my mom’s sister, and my mom all reached extra-Yiayia (Greek for grandma) status at the same age.  I’ll be polite and leave that number secret since my mom’s public age is 39.  I always joke that it’s a medical miracle that I’m older than my mother, but she always says that it’s my problem that I’m not younger.  Whether or not I will follow in their footsteps won’t be up to me, but given my current age and that of my new grandson, it is quite possible that the magic number may pop up again!

I’m still so totally in love with this littlest one!

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