What a Show!

d storm2A few days ago we experienced this weird phenomena called “rain in May”.  It even looks like this oddity may repeat itself sometime today.  I’m not complaining!

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There are only a few places in the world that have a “Mediterranean Climate”, and California is one of them (of course, Greece does, too!).  This typically means having a cool and wet winter, followed by warm to hot summers that see little to no rain.  Lucky me (sarcasm alert), I’m in the hot summer and no rain category.  I have lived in the Central Valley nearly all my life and I think I can count on one hand all the times it rained in the summer.

d storm
This picture of my littlest one is a few years old, from one of the last times we had a big lightning storm.  Also, one of the few times I can ever remember a storm in summer.

The common joke is that all Valley-ites say “at least it’s a dry heat”, which really is true.  Both that we say it, and that we mean it.  Humidity sucks and we consider ourselves blessed to not really deal with it.  Typical summer days may see percent humidity in the low 20s.  We start melting if it gets over 30%.  Keep in mind, though, we also deal with 110+ F days on a regular basis, so you know, 30% really is high!

Typically our last measurable rain will occur in April, and other than a possible storm or two in early fall, we won’t start having regular rainfall until November.  We also don’t tend to see dramatic storms like the one we had last week.  Downpours happen but are infrequent, and lightning storms are even less common.

201_205352_MomentThe storm heading our way in just a day from now is promising to be another doozy, with up to an inch of rain predicted.  That may not sound like much, but when your average rainfall for the entire year is 10 inches, that one inch is quite a bit.  I wonder if I should start building a boat?!



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