On the Importance of Grandmas

20180910_141748Now that I am an official member of the “Yiayia Club”, I feel free to speak with great authority on something that I have less than a week’s experience with.  Why not?

My newest clothing item!

Grandmas are essential.  So are grandpas, but I’m not one of them.  In fact, even research backs up my assertion by showing that without grandmothers, the human species may not have been as successful in survival as it is now.  It’s even evident in other matriarchal societies like that of elephants.  The reason is simple: prior experience.

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Top: getting a diaper change without Yiayia to soothe him.  Bottom: after Yiayia puts a soothing hand on his wee belly.  I rest my case.

Grandmas have learned through their own trial-and-error about dealing with children, and can pass on what they have learned to their own kids when they have made that leap into parenthood.  There is a sense of confidence in dealing with brand new (or maybe not so new) babies that can only come with earned knowledge.  This hopefully brings a sense of calm to those who are learning the tricks of the trade for the very first time, and calm parents are a good thing.

My youngest with my mom.

Grandmas (and grandpas) are also important for another reason: spoiling grandchildren.  Hey, the job’s got to be fun, don’t you think?!

My younger two with my dad.

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