There’s a New Man in My Life

20180907_125203I’m a wee bit tired.  I’ve passed the 36 hour mark with about an hour of sleep.  However, I had the easy end of the deal this time.

My daughter-in-law before the baby came.  Princess of the party!

I’ve gone through three pregnancies, all boys.  Some deliveries were quick (the youngest went in an hour and a half), and some took a little longer (the middle one put me through off-and-on labor for a couple of weeks!).  But they are a distant memory for me.  No, I don’t miss that part of motherhood.

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A tired daddy with his new baby. He’s already making plans for the future.

Now I get to do the easy part: being a grandmother.  In Greek I’m now “Yiayia”.  We had hoped we’d get a break from the testosterone in the next generation, but we have another bouncing baby boy to play with.  I’m okay with that.

My newest baby boy, and I got to have him the easy way!

So expect some more pictures of this handsome, wee one, and stories to go along with them.  I’m looking forward to stuffing his little mouth with fresh figs from our tree, just like my mom did with my boys, and maybe sneaking a candy or two before dinner (shhhh… don’t tell on me!).


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