Bath Time!

IMG_1698This last weekend was a little busier than our typical Thanksgiving holidays are.  My grandson was baptised on Saturday into the Greek Orthodox faith.  It was kind of a big day.

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He’s Firmed up a Bit

20181206_201127I haven’t posted much about this little one lately.  He’s getting some chubby cheeks now, but like most babies, still does what babies do: eat, sleep, and poop!  He even smiles, and it’s the cutest thing ever!

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It’s a Numbers Game

20180920_134757I’m not really a superstitious person, but every so often I come across situations that just make me stop and wonder if there’s any significance to something that might otherwise just be a really big coincidence.

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Moving Generally Sucks

20180225_104530We were helping my sister-in-law move this weekend and it reminded me how much I consider myself fortunate that I didn’t have to do a lot of moving while growing up.  Then I reached my early 20s and made up for all of that lack of packing, and sometimes it feels like I haven’t stopped!

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