A Gathering of Greeks

20170929_200046If a bunch of cows is a herd, if geese gather in gaggles, and seagulls fly in a flock, what do you call a bunch of Greeks?  A good time, of course!  With lots and lots of food.  Lots of food.  Did I mention that there’s food?

Dancing, young and young-at-heart alike.

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One of the most wonderful things about being Greek is that every gathering is a family affair.  Seldom are events held that are meant to be adults only.  The idea of having a “babysitter” is rather foreign.  I can remember going to almost every social event with my parents and never being worried about being the only kid there.  I knew that my other Greek friends would be there and we would be hanging out and having a good time.  No age is ever excluded.  Young people greet and chat with the elderly, babies are passed around, and little ones are quickly warned not to run through the house.


These are moments that warm my heart.  My youngest was out and about running around (literally) with his little buddies.

And at every gathering, whether at someone’s house or at the church, there’s that food I mentioned earlier.  Lot’s of it, and almost always homemade.  Appetizers of various types (seldom chips and dip alone), multiple main dish casseroles and roasts, and oodles of desserts.  On top of whatever the hosts provide, people bring more.  You know, just in case.  Plates of cookies, meat and cheese trays, cakes, bottles of wine.  The hosts will push platters aside to make room for all the goodies provided.

A friend once asked me what a traditional Greek centerpiece might be.  I said there might not be one depending on the size of the food platters.  A windmill managed to get squeezed in here, but it got pushed around a bit.

There will be leftovers, and thank God for that!  No self-respecting Greek host will be okay with having “just enough”.  There is no such thing.  That might mean someone actually didn’t get their fill and was turned away by an empty dish.  Sacrilege!!

Should you decide to host your own Greek-style gathering, just invite everyone (EVERYONE) you know and have lots of food.  Done!


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