Happy New Year, the Greek Way

New Year’s celebrations seem to be rather universal.  Parties with friends, booze with friends, food with friends, fireworks and/or gunshots with friends.  You know… the usual.

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Greek Coffee

20171015_152235The weather is finally starting to cool down a bit.  I know what you’re thinking: it’s the middle of October, of course it’s cooling down!  Um, I live in the middle of California.  It’s going to be near 90 degrees tomorrow.  Things are relative, you know?  So what this all means is that it’s time to switch out from our refreshingly cool iced frappes to our hot and comforting Greek coffees for our mid-day caffeine fix.

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A Gathering of Greeks

20170929_200046If a bunch of cows is a herd, if geese gather in gaggles, and seagulls fly in a flock, what do you call a bunch of Greeks?  A good time, of course!  With lots and lots of food.  Lots of food.  Did I mention that there’s food?

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Greeks and their “Pets”

kittiesAs far as I can tell, Greeks in Greece don’t actually own pets. I will admit that this presumption is based on limited observations, but I’ve really never seen anyone there with the stereotypical pet. One of my cousins once had some small birds (parakeets, I think), but I just don’t recall ever seeing anyone with pets like dogs or cats. Now don’t get me wrong, cats and dogs are definitely there. They just don’t seem to “belong” to anyone.

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