It Was A Wild Night

20181103_193154These Bingo cards have been in use since I was a kid.  Actually much longer than that.  Let’s just say they’ve got a few decades under their belts at this point.

You’re never too young to start playing church Bingo!

Every once in a while, we have a “pasta Bingo” night at church.  As the name implies, we play Bingo and eat pasta.  It’s a good mix.

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The board is wired to a switch panel with WWII era looking metal switches that control each light individually.  Yes, it’s that old.

Not only are the cards old, but the lighted number board is straight out of a time-warp.  It easily weighs a couple hundred pounds, requiring several hands to carry it.  Many of the hands are older than the cards, so it gets a little disconcerting watching this beast get moved.  The only structure in the social hall strong enough to hold the board is the equally aged piano, so it gets moved from the corner to act as a prop.  At one point a digital board was purchased, but no one could figure out how to work it.

20181103_200657The boards are a little beat up on their left sides because at the end of each game, they get pounded on that side to move all the little sliding covers back over.  It’s become a sort of ritual.  So is booing the winner (in good fun, at least I think it is), along with saying “before what?” when B4 is called.  Any time they decide to do something other than a regular Bingo pattern, it takes 15 minutes to explain it.  Even after that, there’s always someone who still calls Bingo at the wrong time because they weren’t paying attention.

20181103_205712It’s always a fun night.  Kids get to run around and parents don’t have to worry.  The food is good, the company even better.  And best of all, there’s prizes (and we actually won some this time)!!


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