20171124_184601I have been terrified of spiders since childhood.  But they are still kind of neat to watch.  From a distance.  Great distance.  Really great distance.

20171223_073555The Old Man’s family has a “cabin” (loosely defined) in the oak wooded foothills not too far away from us.  Mid-fall is the time of year when all the tarantulas start their migrations looking for mates.  These beasts are huge and you can even see them from the window of a swiftly moving vehicle.

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I’m rather proud of myself.  I’ve actually been able to get up close enough to take pictures of many of them.  However, they are always from behind.  There’s no way I can stand in the path of an oncoming tarantula.  I’m mildly brave, not stupid!


8 thoughts on “Shudder!

  1. My mom was terrified of spiders, my brother spent 2 weeks in his room after telling her she had a spider on her blouse, she ripped all the buttons off trying to get the blouse off.

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