20171124_184601I have been terrified of spiders since childhood.  But they are still kind of neat to watch.  From a distance.  Great distance.  Really great distance.

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A Wee Walk in the Woods

20181020_114404_001How is it that the things closest to us are often the ones we least explore?  I’ve lived in this area for almost my entire life, and this last weekend was the first time I hiked this trail that is less than an hour’s drive away.

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“It’s Called Fishing, Not Catching”

20180110_135637I guess I can’t complain about having a child whose sole request for his birthday is to go fishing.  Not some elaborate deep-sea trip in an exotic location (though I know he wouldn’t turn it down), just a simple trip to a local river to try his luck. Continue reading “It’s Called Fishing, Not Catching”

The First Shot

20171223_073555We were back at the cabin last weekend, this time we were joined by all the Old Man’s siblings and his dad (affectionately called El Viejo, which means “old man” in Spanish).  It’s probably been almost three decades since they were all together at the cabin.

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Black Friday

20171124_192626Over the river and through the woods to grandfather’s house, we go.  Actually it was grandfather’s cabin in the nearby foothills on a parcel of land the Old Man’s parents purchased several decades ago.  The family built the rough cabin by hand and visited on occasion when the Old Man and his siblings were growing up.

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