Kids These Days

You watch them grow and see them develop into young versions of actual adults.  Then you go to a get-together at a friend’s house.  Whelp… so much for that!

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This friend of mine has the best yard for kids.  A solid swing-set seriously secured in the ground, a monster sized trampoline with a net to keep little ones from flying away, and this see-saw set over cushy grass.  Maybe it’s the best yard for parents, too.  The kids have a blast playing, and the parents don’t have to worry.  (It doesn’t hurt that this family is known for their amazing display of desserts to feast upon!)

Apparently, the definition of kid is also rather loose.  These two of mine are a wee bit older than the others.  The Hairy Teen won’t be a teen after this summer, and the Medium Boy is 16.  I guess they still count as kids??


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