Over the River-bed and through the Avocado Orchards to Grandfather’s House We Go…

20200217_125839I guess this is the California version of the winter sleigh song, though if you go high up enough in the Sierra-Nevada mountains you will find snow.  It’s just not where we were.

20200217_125910(All links open a new page, so you won’t lose your spot when you look around!  Get information on gardening and cultural traditions, recipes, stories, and more!)

A few days ago we traveled down to Southern California for the annual Greek Folk Dance Festival.  I had a post about that almost ready to publish but just didn’t get it done in time.  I will soon, but just know it’s a ginormous gathering of Greeks here in the western states for Greek Orthodox youth to show off their skills in traditional Greek folk dance.  If you follow me on Instagram, you can see some of my posts and videos from the weekend.

What old car guys use for garden art!

On our way back we decided to go visit the Old Man’s father, who lives somewhat nearby.  If you’re not from California, you may not realize how truly vast this state is.  When I say somewhat nearby I mean it was an hour-and-a-half drive just to get there, and that’s not including the four hours to get home.  All in one state, and not even close to going from one end to the other.  But that was still close enough for a visit.

My father-in-law and his wife live on a large lot in a semi-rural suburb.  It’s surrounded by rolling hills and orchards filled with crops of citrus and avocados.  It’s also not that far from where the Thomas fire burned during Christmastime in 2017.  Thankfully, other than a lot of smoke, they weren’t affected by that or any of the other recent fires in the area.

The boys have always loved visiting here.  There are lizards to be found and caught (and then let go).  There are also chickens of varying numbers to check on and maybe feed.  And inevitably the air rifle will be brought out along with some old cans already riddled with holes for some target shooting.20200218_201234I’ve always enjoyed stopping by because my father-in-law’s wife is an avid gardener like me and so there will be the usual tour around the garden to see what’s blooming and growing, and what veggies have been planted.  This time of year their citrus trees are filled with oranges and lemons, and their various rosemary plants are covered in blossoms and bees.  We’ve been having some warmer than usual weather across the state, and their roses and geraniums had been taking advantage of it and putting on a good show.20200218_201146Our visit this time was short, but still allowed for all the usual highlights.  We also left with a nice treat of a bag of avocados picked right off the tree and full bellies from our favorite Mexican food restaurant.  Definitely a good visit!20200217_130312

12 thoughts on “Over the River-bed and through the Avocado Orchards to Grandfather’s House We Go…

  1. Although there were no avocado orchards here, avocado trees were common in home gardens. Of course, most were grown from seed, so they got very tall and awkward before producing fruit, and there was no way of knowing what the fruit was to be like until it actually appeared, several years after planting the seed. It didn’t matter. They were all good.

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      1. Three toothpicks and a Dixie cup! Those in nurseries are cultivars of known cultivars (without genetic variation) and grafted from adult growth that does not get so tall, and starts fruiting the year after installation.

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