“What I Did During Summer Vacation”

20180611_221908I always dreaded the usual back-to-school essays I had to write in elementary school.  Most of the kids had stories about trips to fun places and I was trying to remember how to spell moussaka.  Moose-Caca??!!

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Such a Sleepy Baby!

280919_2297716205325_7120206_oOkay, I know he’s not a baby anymore, but my youngest is still THE baby.  No matter what, all my boys will always be MY babies.  I think most parents will understand.

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Family & Fire

20180106_101801Seriously, this is about as un-goofy of a picture of my boys that I can get.  I know it may seem a little late to post a Christmas story, but when part of your Christmas was late, it just kind of works out that way.

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