Hortosoupa (Greek Vegetable Soup)

20200306_141209You will likely be hard-pressed to find a culture that doesn’t have their own version of a hearty vegetable soup. It’s pretty much a “just add water” technique for stretching out available produce to feed a hungry family a nutritious meal.

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Mixed Bean Fasolada (Greek Bean Soup)

20191019_211836This dish is often referred to as “the national food of the Greeks”.  It’s ironic that the one person in my family that’s from Greece, is the one that likes beans the least.  Yes, Mom, I’m calling you out!

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Spinach Avgolemono Soup

20190303_212420Be prepared, I bought a large (really large) bag of spinach a while back and needed to use it all before losing it to the slime gods.  So that means you’re going to see a few recipes using spinach (kind of like when I made a monster load of pesto over the summer!).

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Cream of Mushroom Soup

20181223_144112I hate mushrooms.  Absolutely detest them.  My parents love them, so of course they were put into whatever meal they could be.  I would pretend to chew them, and then spit them into my napkin as I pretended to wipe my mouth.  Yes, I was that kid.

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