Umm… You Don’t Want to Look in There

untitledMy family has come to learn the hard way that I essentially view my home and garden as one big science lab.  They are likely to stumble across experiments either already in progress, or getting ready for one, in a variety of locations inside and outside the house.  What did you expect from a science teacher?

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That Moon!

20180719_203824There are a handful of movies that my family has watched repeatedly to the point of being able to recite the entire script.  One of them is “Moonstruck” starring Olympia Dukakis and Cher.  A Greek and an Armenian playing Italians?  It’s okay, Armenians and Italians played Greeks in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” so it balances out.

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That Circle of Life Thing

All of nature is centered on the premise of “survival of the fittest”.  As I like to tell my students, the struggle is real.

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