Ginger Beef Noodle Soup

My family likes to eat at a local Chinese restaurant owned by a man nicknamed Homer (Homer, as in the ancient Greek author). He got this nickname decades ago by a family friend of ours (who happened to be Greek) who was Homer’s sponsor when Homer immigrated here from China. I have no idea what his real name is, but even the other people at the restaurant call him Homer, too.

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Eggplant Moussaka

20190920_185326I’m not going to lie, I hated this when I was a kid.  I used to call it moose-skata.  My mother was not pleased with this nickname.  I’ll explain in a moment.

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Traditional Romanian Cabbage Rolls (Sarmale)

20190327_171506erdfgI recently carried out my first experiment fermenting whole cabbage heads.  I did it solely to be able to make these cabbage rolls.  I waited six weeks.  Six whole weeks.  That’s how good these are.  (Psssstt… I have a shortcut if you’re in a hurry.)

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Kalamata Olive & Tomato Roast Tri-Tip

20190129_140634sercdfgI got a new kitchen toy for Christmas that needed to be broken in.  I also had a beef tri-tip sitting in the refrigerator needing to be cooked.  I’m thinking there could be a connection here.

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Keftedes (Greek Meatballs with Raisins and Pine Nuts)

20180212_183722One of the wonderful (i.e. infuriating) things about traditional dishes is pinning down a set recipe.  Then there are those baffling steps that make you wonder why they are even done.  In the end it comes down to whom you asked, which region they are from, and what they even like as to what information and advice they give you.

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Burgundy-Garlic Roast Tri-Tip

20181031_164547If you’re not from California, especially Central California, you can be forgiven for not knowing about beef tri-tip.  What was once considered a sub-par cut of meat mostly reserved for ground beef has now become a highly sought after slab of tastiness, but only if you know how to prepare it.

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