What’s That In Your Hair?!

These are words most people really don’t want to hear, but it came from my little one who’s known for being a bit of a prankster.


These are the grown up versions of the baby in my hair.

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He was looking at my head when he realized this baby Praying Mantis was crawling from my head onto the couch cushion.  I didn’t believe him at first, but finally (and carefully) moved to see if it was real.  I had been out in the garden not too long earlier, but I was still surprise that this little critter had manage to hang out safely all that time.  The medium boy got to be the hero and returned this baby back to the garden where it can hopefully grow up and eat lots of bugs we don’t want.  At least it was a critter with six legs and not eight!

8 thoughts on “What’s That In Your Hair?!

  1. Rhody just got one with eight legs! It was in his ear and swollen like a grape. I feel horrible that I did not see it before it chewed in. I was already grossed out because I found 6 (!) on him at once, and then 8(!!). It was weird to find so many on such a small terrier, than none for a day or so, than so many again, and then none until this morning. How does such a small terrier collect so many?

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