Not Your Usual Sex-Ed Video

20180612_142515_Momentkl;Did you have that teacher that insisted you watch a video during sex-ed of a baby being born?  Maybe I’ll show my students this one instead from now on!

Just a few of the adult mantises we saw last summer.  Don’t worry, they were set free after the picture!

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I’ve been noticing quite a few praying mantis egg cases lately.  We had a boom of them last year, which could help explain it.  I’ve only seen the babies hatching once before, but sadly they were walking right into spiders’ webs just as they emerged.  This time, the case was on our picnic table on the back patio.  Happily we were able to help them into the garden.  From there they are on their own!

It’s kind of funny, after watching the video I realized that I could hear the moment the Old Man accidentally dropped a pair of gardening shears into the wood chipper.  You’ll hear it during the last 15 seconds!

This is all that we could find!




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