Fig & Greek Yogurt Quick Bread

20200226175023_IMG_2863I am fortunate to have a fig tree and to live in the perfect Mediterranean climate for it to thrive.  That means that I will also have an overabundance of the tasty fruits just begging to be enjoyed.

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Tiropitakia (Greek Feta Cheese Pastry)

20200129_174309Think of them as little triangles of pure heaven.  Crispy phyllo, tangy feta cheese, and a generous slathering of butter… yes, pure heaven.

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Ham & Cheese Empanadas

20200123_142927Several days ago I gave the Old Man and the Medium Boy the task of putting in a new pond liner for our back yard.  It’s hard work.  I fed them these empanadas as payment.

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Sourdough Cinnamon-Raisin Rolls

IMG_0850ghvhI live in California’s raisin country.  If one drives out of town during the hot, dry days at the end of summer, row after row of grapes drying on mats can be seen in between the long stretches of grape vines.  I guess you could say I know where my food comes from!

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Savory Pumpkin & Cheddar Muffins

20191103_103609The moment the temperatures drop even just a smidgen near the end of summer, it’s pumpkin season.  Correction, it’s pumpkin-SPICE season.  Maybe it doesn’t have to be?

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Lemony Blueberry Muffins

20190610_184540At some point someone stole muffins and turned them into greasy, gut-bomb, cupcakes-in-disguise.  It’s time to steal them back.  You’re welcome.

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Farro Wheat Cereal

20171118_110454Breakfast in Greece can be a very rustic meal wih cheese pies, olives and feta, and crusty bread with honey or marmalade, to fare more familiar to the American palette like scrambled eggs and omelets.  Whatever it is, it will be tasty and reflective of what is available from the local area.  This includes a variety of grains that can be cooked up and served as a wholesome hot cereal.

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Greek Yogurt Recipe

Most of what you find in the grocery store that claims to be Greek Yogurt is really Greek-style yogurt.  Big difference.  Real Greek yogurt is made with certain strains of bacteria that lend a less tart flavor, and the final product is strained to remove the whey creating that thick and creamy texture Greek Yogurt is so famous for.  Greek-style yogurt often uses the same cultures as “regular” yogurt and is thickened with things like pectin or gelatin.  This is especially done for fat-free Greek yogurt, four words that really just shouldn’t be allowed to exist together.  It’s not bad, it’s just not right.  So let’s do it right!

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