Greek Yogurt Recipe

Most of what you find in the grocery store that claims to be Greek Yogurt is really Greek-style yogurt.  Big difference.  Real Greek yogurt is made with certain strains of bacteria that lend a less tart flavor, and the final product is strained to remove the whey creating that thick and creamy texture Greek Yogurt is so famous for.  Greek-style yogurt often uses the same cultures as “regular” yogurt and is thickened with things like pectin or gelatin.  This is especially done for fat-free Greek yogurt, four words that really just shouldn’t be allowed to exist together.  It’s not bad, it’s just not right.  So let’s do it right!

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The Greek Yogurt Backstory

20170903_150531I remember my mom attempting to make yogurt on only a few occasions while I was a kid. She assured me that it would taste much better than the store-bought. I’m sure I had a “seeing is believing” look on my face. The words may have even escaped my lips, who knows. I hated most plain yogurt then, and I still do. It’s too tart and is only palatable if heavily dosed with jam or honey. But my mom insisted that the kind her mother had made wasn’t like that.

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