Cheesy Eggs with Salsa

20180310_124915When you buy large quantities of certain foods, you may find yourself questioning your ability to judge how much you actually needed of said certain food.  Then you find yourself questioning how to use up said certain food.

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I had bought a rather large jar of fresh salsa not too long ago to make a very yummy chicken dish.  Though I used a lot, well, I had also bought a lot.  So there was still a lot.  I pushed the jar aside in the refrigerator over and over again, pretending that I hadn’t misjudged how much I was going to need.  Finally I had to accept the fact that I had quite a bit left over and needed to use it up quickly before it went bad.

20180310_203136I came to this realization around the same time that the males were getting hangry (not misspelled) and were demanding food in lieu of payment for yardwork.  Generally, keeping them fed keeps them from complaining, so I have motivation for doing so.

20180310_203256I also realized I had a large pack of eggs that were also in need of being consumed before too terribly long, and started thinking about making my Strapatsada (Greek scrambled eggs with fresh tomatoes and feta).  The problem was that I didn’t have enough fresh tomatoes.  Or did I?  A HA!

20180310_203416That jar of leftover salsa had just the perfect amount.  I knew it all along, mind you.  I had it all planned perfectly.  Uh huh.  Sure.


Cheesy Eggs with Salsa Recipe


Per person:

    • 2 eggs
    • 2 Tbsp. evaporated milk
    • 1/2 cup fresh salsa (you’ll find it in the refrigerated section of the grocery store)
    • Cheese of choice, grated (I used a pepper jack cheese)
    • olive oil


Drizzle a little olive oil into a non-stick pan.  Add the salsa and turn the heat to high.  Stir occasionally to prevent from scorching once it starts to bubble.  You are going to cook the salsa until it is pasty and nearly dry.  You don’t want it to be liquidy, or your eggs will come out grainy.  As the salsa gets dryer, turn the heat down to medium-low to prevent scorching.

While the salsa is cooking down, scramble the eggs.  Add the evaporated milk and mix together thoroughly.

Grate a desired amount of cheese for sprinkling over the eggs when they are done.  Set the cheese aside.

Once the salsa is cooked down completely, add the scrambled eggs and turn the heat to medium-high.  Using a spatula, gently push the eggs around periodically to allow them to cook evenly and to incorporate the salsa.  Remove the pan from the heat when the eggs are set and no longer wet.

Immediately sprinkle the cheese over the eggs.  Allow the cheese to melt a little before serving.  Serve while hot!


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