Spanakorizo Avgolemono Soup (Spinach and Rice Soup with Egg-Lemon Sauce )

My recipes are the result of well planned and thought out combinations of a perfect selection of ingredients… aahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Yeah, right.

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Okay, to be fair, there are some things that absolutely need to be planned in advance. Maybe you’ve heard the saying “cooking is art, baking is science” and it’s absolutely true. Items like bake goods don’t allow a lot of wiggle room for good results, whereas other dishes have a lot more flexibility in how they can be created and prepared.

In Greek, dishes that are put together on the fly are often made using the “μέ το μάτι” method (meh toh MAH-tee), which translates to “with the eye“. In other words, we’re eyeballing it. A little of this, a lot of that, yeah, that looks good. As you can likely tell, that doesn’t make for helpful recipes. I’ll have you know, it’s a habit I had to work hard on to quit so I could put actual quantities into the recipes I post here. You’re welcome.

I regularly make meals that are the result of using up random leftovers languishing in the fridge (hence, this post). Some there would be no way to recreate, alas, because they are the result of such a hodge-podge of ingredients. However, there are some like this soup, where all I did was a simple tweak to stretch out a dish for one more night. When it comes out as good as this did, it’s worth sharing!


Some quick notes before you begin:

I made this dish accidentally on purpose. Yes. I had prepared a large pan of spanakorizo to use up some fresh ingredients before they went bad and after a few meals it was time to shake things up a bit. I provide steps in the recipe for you to also make it accidentally on purpose, or actually on purpose. Whatever works.

Truth be told, any rice dish can be easily converted into soup with the simple addition of broth. That’s essentially what I did. The only difference here was that I made it as an avgolemono soup (egg-lemon sauce). It’s easy, don’t worry.

I also have a recipe for a chicken and spinach avgolemono soup. It’s a little simpler of a process, but still a great meal. So, yay! You have choices!

Spanakorizo Avgolemono Soup (Spinach and Rice Soup with Egg-Lemon Sauce) Recipe

  • Difficulty: easier than figuring out how to name this dish in under 100 letters
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Method 1:

Make spanakorizo. Enjoy some as-is. For every cup of leftover spanakorizo, add 2 to 3 cups of broth of choice in a pot and heat till hot throughout. Use the amount that will give the consistency you want, you could even add more.

For every quart of broth you added, you will need 1 egg and 2 to 3 Tbsp. of lemon juice (or more to taste). Don’t worry about precisely matching cups of broth to number of eggs, remember “with the eye”. Follow the process for making the egg and lemon sauce found in my avgolemono soup recipe. Add it to the spanakorizo soup in the pot, adjust the flavor as desired with salt/pepper/lemon juice and you are done!

Method 2:

Just get right to it and make soup from the start. Make the spanakorizo, but increase the amount of liquid to 2 quarts. For the best flavor, use broth not water. Follow the same process for the egg and lemon as described in my avgolemono soup recipe. Adjust flavor as desired with salt/pepper/lemon juice and you are done!

Kali orexi! Good appetite!


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