They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

20180617_160556Earlier this spring, the Old Man and I went to a concert at a local theater.  The band was Neil Young with Crazy Horse, the theater was a historic building from the late 1930s.

20180819_203330Waiting for the show to start gave me an opportunity to look around at the theater’s classic architecture.  It just made me wonder why people stopped making buildings like this.  I get it, it’s expensive, but dang!  Just look at this place!  It’s gorgeous!!

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The big boys got to go with us to see Neil Young.  Not sure how cool they thought that was!

When I went on my Mom’s Getaway trip with my cousin at the beginning of summer, we came across an equally beautiful structure in Atascadero.  Every part had some sort of decorative detail that made the whole building like a giant piece of artwork.  I say we bring that back, what do you think?

There were four of these fountains at the Atascadero Administration Building, one at each corner.  More pictures of the building and a family connection here.

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