Separating Eggs

20180713_142853Why oh why oh why do people insist on coming up with space (and money) sucking devices or weird techniques to do what is really a very simple task?  We may never know!

I have seen egg whites and yolks separated using straws, soda bottles, pin pricks, special slotted spoons, and more.  Yet the tools needed were already provided by the egg itself: the shell.  Then you put the shell into the compost and your tomatoes grow nicely.  How thoughtful of the chicken to provide all of this!

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The video shows the very easy process of separating the yolk from the white.  One word of warning, though.  It is okay in most recipes if a little of the white gets in with the yolk.  It is NOT okay in most recipes for the yolk to get in with the white!  Egg whites are often beaten to a fluff for things like meringue or to add leavening for baked goodies and the fat from the yolk will prevent those bubbles from being formed.  So, no yellow in the clear stuff.

If a recipe calls for only one or the other part of the egg, you may be wondering what to do with the other part.  They can be incorporated in a recipe that already calls for other eggs, or you can put them in a freezer safe container and freeze them.  You just want to allow them to completely defrost before trying to use them, but they will be just as good as fresh.

Work over the container that you want the whites to be in, then dump the yolks into another container.  In the video I was using yolks so they went into the mixing bowl and the whites were going to the freezer.  After cracking the egg in half, just pass the yolk back and forth between the shells and allow the whites to spill out into the container.  That’s it!  (By the way, the video has no sound.)


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