20180501_062204_Moment1This is not the first time we have had visitors to the bodies of water in our yard.  I have mixed feelings about some of them.  Trust me, you would, too.

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These lovelies are Mallard ducks.  There were three at first, you can just see one of the males flying off at the very beginning of the video clip.  (I’m not the greatest videographer, so sorry for the shakiness and bad endings!)  Artemis made sure that our visitors didn’t feel too welcome.  It’s actually a bit of a surprise that there were two males and one female.  I’ve been seeing a few groups of these ducks in random spots around town, and it is almost always one male with 2-3 females.  Such players.

20180501_062057_MomentOther visitors to our pool and little fish pond include raccoons, and they were definitely not welcome.  The little bandits have chewed up my pond plants and terrorized my little fish.  My poor little pond is now locked up under bars and wire mesh to protect it.  They have also gone swimming in our pool, which is kind of gross because they’re rather filthy.

Possums come around every so often, too.  This poor guy found out the hard way that it wasn’t a good swimmer.  Yes… that’s the bottom of our pool.  Maybe it’s just sleeping?



13 thoughts on “Visitors!

  1. Why is he sleeping on the bottom of the swimming pool? Isn’t it rather . . . . well, you know . . . . wet down there?
    Many years ago, a pair of ducks arrived at the big swimming pool in the condominium complex near my former home in town. It is near Vasona Reservoir, so ducks are common in the neighborhood. Just one neighbor did not want to chase them away, and actually delivered food to them. Most of us thought that was a bit . . . odd, and not the sort of thing they wanted in their nice clean and chlorinated swimming pool. What was worse is that after a few days, they invited their friends over for a party! It was horrible! We could not chase them all off. The pool had to be covered for quite a while just as the weather was getting warm. Eventually, the ducks left.

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