They Grow So Fast!

20180624_123301The little babies I posted about earlier aren’t really babies anymore!  Birds grow so quickly, and I don’t think it will be very long before these “teenagers” will be booted out to make way for a fresh batch of new ones.

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There are several ground water recharge basins around town, and the Canada Geese have taken to them in growing numbers over the years.  I drive by at least three of these ponds each day and so I get to see the geese in their various stages throughout the breeding season.  This group could very well be the same family that I saw trying to squeeze back under the fence a couple of months ago (yes, they really grow that quickly!).

The “momma” (maybe papa?) goose was watching as a little straggler was finally joining the rest of the group.

It’s not the first time I have stopped at this same spot, along with other drivers, to allow the babies to cross safely.  Sadly, not all of them make it and I have seen a couple of casualties along the curb.  The one baby that was behind the fence as I was recording came out after the car in the other lane had driven off and I had pulled forward a little.  I really think the adults recognize the need to teach their young ones how to cross the street.  Survival of the fittest!  (At least this group didn’t try to visit my pool!)

This was the baby that was behind the fence while I was recording the others crossing.  It crossed behind my vehicle as I started to pull forward.  The remaining adult came out to join the rest of the family after I started driving away.



2 thoughts on “They Grow So Fast!

    1. I don’t remember any when I was a kid and the house I grew up in is only 1/4 mile away from where I live now (never did I ever think that would happen!). I think there have been a lot of conservation efforts put into place that have helped them, and I know that our city has also made the ponding basins more “user friendly” for the geese and other water fowl.

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