What’s in My Lawn? (Not Grass)

20180802_172310I have spotted my neighbor on many occasions scanning his perfect front lawn and plucking out any offending non-grass plants that dared set root.  That’s not us.

The title picture is some kind of oregano.  The top frame here is yellow-flowered oxalis (really pretty when the flowers are open), and the bottom frame is spearmint.  Yes, I know it spreads.

We tried once.  We had a brand new lawn put in the front and we tried to keep on top of the weeds.  Then we got tired.  Then the drought hit and we just gave up altogether.  It’s gone now and replaced with a wide variety of drought tolerant plants.  However, the back lawn is still with us (and I use the word “lawn” rather lightly).

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We managed to get some lemon balm here, and a hollyhock.

The back yard has been heavily altered from when we first moved in and several areas that had been buried under overgrown shrubs and ivy got cleared out and opened up.  What that really means is that we let the Bermuda grass weeds fill in.  We’ve dragged clippings from plants over it to put in the compost pile which means it has been freely seeded with a whole host of other plants.  Meh.  It all gets mowed occasionally.  It works.

Some liquid amber saplings sprouted from the roots of the tree, and some bulbs my mom didn’t want anymore that she gave to me that somehow got rooted in the lawn in a place where they’ll never flower because they get too much shade.

4 thoughts on “What’s in My Lawn? (Not Grass)

      1. They just about eat everything, but they do not bother to pull grass up if it is firmly attached to the ground, and too low to get a good bite onto. They might nibble the tops off of overgrown grasses.

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