Roast Salmon with Pesto

20180812_202057I had an “embarrassment of riches” situation.  Thanks to a deal at Costco and a generous neighbor, I had a bunch of wild salmon (no complaints).  I also had a ton of pesto due to a prolific planting of basil (also no complaints).

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Caper & Green Olive Salmon Keftedes

20180604_204316It was on a whim one summer evening a few years ago that I decided to do something with some leftover salmon other than just reheating it.  Lo and behold, a new favorite meal was born.

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Green Olive & Caper Stuffed Salmon

20180602_213318Things I love about salmon: flavor, few bones, cheap-ish in whole body form, cooks quickly, leftovers make great salmon cakes.  I think that’s a pretty good list.

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