Winter Squash Yemista

20190106_205553As soon as we get into serious winter weather (or at least what passes for it here), I start to think almost fondly of summer.  Almost.  Remember, it’s stinking hot here.

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The “Grandmother Clock”

20190105_092552Raise your hand if you are a fan of the PBS series “Antiques Roadshow”!  You know, the one that makes you start thinking about dumpster-diving and yard-sale stalking for the chance to find treasure.  Okay, put your hand down now, you look silly with it up while looking at your screen.

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“Ambridge Rose” (Rosa ‘Ambridge Rose’)

20180501_155103This is easily the most photographed plant in my garden.  With a generous supply of the most luscious, peachy-pink blooms in a classic, cabbage rose form, it is easy to understand why.

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