Greek “Tost”

greek toastOne of the treats I looked forward to during summer vacation was the sandwiches my mom would make that she called Greek Tost (pronounced like toast, but with a Greek accent).  It started with slightly toasted and buttered bread, layered with cheese and then broiled until the cheese started to melt.  Put the gooey slices together and voila!  Greek Tost!  Hold your horses, I know what you’re thinking.

20171124_222150No, this is not the same as grilled cheese sandwiches, because these are so much better.  American grilled cheese relies on white bread (not my fave), and plastic-y slices of American cheese.  Yummy, yes, if you’re 5.  Time to move on.  These sandwiches are made with more diverse ingredients, and can be suited to a variety of tastes.  In Greece they are sold to be eaten on the go, kind of like hamburgers are here.

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20171124_222340Greek Tost can be made with a variety of cheeses like feta, kasseri, graviere, or others that melt well.  Brie may not be Greek, but works great, as does good old-fashioned cheddar.  Add in meats like luncheon slices, roast chicken, or sausages, and throw in some tomatoes, red onions, or even olives.  It’s really up to you.

20171124_222441In Greece, the sandwiches are grilled in a pan or a press until the contents are heated through.  I find this to be a little slow when I am making them for all the Y-chromosome carrying humans in my house, so I do a combo toaster and broiler technique that allows me to do more all at once with the same great taste and texture.

Greek Tost Recipe

There is really no set way to make these.  I put bread (try my Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread recipe) into the toaster.  Preheat the broiler in the oven.  Put whatever items you would like for your sandwich on the toasted bread slices, then place them on a roasting rack.  One of the sandwiches I made here used leftover Imam Bayildi.  The only thing to be cautious of is to have a layer between wet items, like tomatoes, and the bread to keep it from getting soggy.  Put the roasting rack on an oven rack placed in the top position under the broiler.  Broil for only one to two minutes, then turn the rack around and broil as needed until all are evenly done.  Put the slices together and enjoy!


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